The individual mobility of the future is electric. In our view EV conversions need to contribute to this monumental transition given that worldwide 1.2 billion cars are on the road. This blog aims at providing context on how the topic matures. On the other hand, through our book “Deep Dive EV conversion” we provide all the information needed for making a decision whether to start one’s own DIY conversion project. Learn more about us and our book:



Electrifyyourride on YouTube:

Electrify your ride – YouTube


Johannes Hübner

Johannes is an engineer and the initiator of the OpenInverter platform. All software questions concerning EV conversions are discussed there. He has thus contributed to numerous conversions worldwide and has himself already carried out two.

Dr. Udo Kessler

A good starting point for protecting our planet is the private car. Udo is convinced that the potential of EV conversions is great – but still needs to be developed. That is what he is advocating.

Philip Schuster

With his Weltreisewerkstatt Philip is not only an expert in the vehicles needed to travel around the world, but also in EV conversions. He has used his knowledge of mechanics and electronics to convert a Toyota GT 86.