Cleanest on the road. Making the case for EV conversions – but with a catch: financing

There are many good reasons for an EV conversion. Not the least one is its contribution to more sustainable individual mobility. In our Guidebook ( we demonstrated that EV conversions indeed save on CO2 emissions. 

So, we were quite happy that others are on the same page with us. In “Behold, The Cleanest EVs On The Road. Why Aren’t Banks Jumping on This” Jennifer Sensiba comes to the same conclusion: “EV conversions are the cleanest EVs on the road”.  

However, they are also still quite expensive, especially when a professional shop is to be involved. So, in order to reach considerable numbers and contribute to climate protection, potential EV converters must be able to get loans for their project. But as banks are not familiar with the EV conversions they are not yet ready to hand out loans. Jennifer Sensiba provides some good reasons why banks should change their mind. Hopefully, this helps to change the mindset.

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