Will it all end in tears? As EV conversions become more popular, authorities raise the bar for approval.

In “Will the retrofit EV conversion industry all end in tears?” it is stated that “Legislation is not a bad thing.” We agree. In fact, in our view clear rules are a requirement for EV conversions becoming more accepted and commonplace. And of course, it is necessary that EV conversions meet the same or even higher safety standards than ICE cars.

As Germany boasts one of the strictest road safety regimes in the world, it is not a surprise that DIY conversions must meet specific standards since 2012. Judging from recent approvals it becomes obvious that authorities have indeed raised the bar for approvals especially in regard to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility of EV conversions. This is why every converter is well advised to study the rules and regulations early on and to discuss his concept with approval engineers before the start of the project.

You will find more on the situation in the UK here.


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