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If you are still asking yourself whether you can handle the challenges that come with a conversion project, learn from the pros. The experts from Fellten/Jaunt Motors definitely belong in that category.

With locations in the UK and Australia their teams spent for example a 1,000 hours over two years to develop and introduce a conversion kit for the classic Mini.

Well, we know that you might not own a classic Mini. However, it is still worthwhile to watch their videos on YouTube and read through their website. You will be inspired and you will learn a lot which will hopefully make you more confident in starting your own project.

Simply by introducing all the required components and their functions, Fellten delivers not only a comprehensive overview on what is actually needed for a conversion and why. They also provide important background information which might help you in deciding on the approach and basics of your project.

So have your paper and pencil ready when watching here:

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