Apprentices provide blueprint for (possible) OEM conversion projects

On the special occasion of the 150th anniversary at the Audi production site in Neckarsulm (Germany), twelve apprentices electrified an NSU Prinz 4 from 1971, one of Audi’s iconic classic cars.

The trainees from the mechatronics, bodywork, vehicle construction and painting departments were given the resources to create a remarkable modern-day version of the original.

In addition to considerable frame and body work, the gasoline engine was supplemented with a 176 kW electric motor from a 2020 Audi e-tron. The power is provided by a 17.3 kWh battery from a plug-in hybrid Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro. It was not stated whether used or new.

Judging from the photos provided by Audi the apprentice project is no doubt a great achievement in terms of technology and design.

In our opinion the project could also be taken as a blueprint for EV conversion projects by automakers (OEM) – not necessarily for classic cars, but for current high-volume models.

Why not put a team of specialists together, provide it with a budget and the task to come up with affordable conversion kits for selected models, using parts from EV models of that specific brand?

The potential for providing existing cars with a second life and save on resources and emissions is huge.

Here are the top 20 cars currently on the road in Germany:

VW Golf                      3,500,000

VW Polo                     1,389,000

Opel Corsa                 1,149,000

Opel Astra                  1,026,000

Mercedes C-Class      999,000

BMW 3                          990,000

VW Passat                    955,000

Audi A4                         840,000

Ford Fiesta                    821,000

Skoda Fabia                  815,000

Ford Focus                   778,000

Audi A3                         733,000

VW Tiguan                    713,000

Skoda Octavia              709,000

Mercedes A-Class       659,000

Mercedes E-Class       640,000

VW Touran                    631,000

BMW 1er                       586,000

Mini Mini                      539,000

BMW 5                          503,000

The question is: How long will it take until an OEM is ready to make this move?

And can the fact that some OEMs work on conversion kits for iconic classics (see blog post June 23, 2023) be considered as the necessary first step in the right direction?

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