Cost-prohibitive or affordable. What the future holds for EV conversions

Pricy EV conversions of classic cars get much attention, but the future (hopefully) is in cheaper retrofits of production models.

It‘s great when general interest media report on EV conversions. In „Electric car enthusiasts tantalized by new idea: converting old vehicles“ The Guardian provides an well-researched introduction and rightly states that conversions are mostly „cost-prohibitive“.

The article also quotes an expert saying that it is one thing to spend 50,000 US-dollars to convert a 1965 Porsche, but another to take a 1980 Honda Civic worth 1,000 US-dollars. The latter would not make sense, according to the expert.

We would like to take the liberty to contradict. If the car is in good condition and its owner still likes driving it, a conversion – as a DIY project – would make sense and is possible on a reasonable budget as we have shown in our own projects.

But read for yourself here and form your opinion:


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