e-cannonball 2023: Energy-efficient even in alpine terrain

In the middle of September Johannes joined the e-cannonball 2023, an EV driving event that has been taking place in Germany for six years.

70 cars of all brands took part, starting from the humble Dacia Spring up to the luxurious Lucid Air. Also among them were five conversions or home-built vehicles that couldn’t have been more different:

  • An electric open-roof roadster
  • A solar powered high efficiency car by BOSolarCar
  • A Toyota Land Cruiser (the one Johannes was in, together with Mathieu Rech)
  • A VW Samba bus (driven by German conversion legend Heiko Fleck)
  • A VW Derby with Tesla Model 3 drive unit

A remarkable fact was the low consumption of all converted cars despite the alpine terrain, taking us from 200 meters to 2000 meter overpasses over a distance of 400 km. The VW Derby only consumed 39 kWh (98 Wh/km) and even the large and heavy Land Cruiser consumed just 80 kWh (200 Wh/km) – that is the equivalent of 2 liters of Diesel per 100 km!

More information, photos and results of the event here (in German).

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