Used battery pack? Yes, there are plenty available.

As stated in previous posts, we are in favor of an EV conversion approach that focuses on used components. But what about the availability of second hand parts, such as battery packs?

Well, it seems to us that supply still exceeds demand. Taking battery packs, we did some research to provide an overview on what is currently available (see diagram).

However, please keep in mind that in order to choose the right battery pack, you have to do some calculations first: What are your requirements in terms of power, range, and space, for example?

What we learned from our research:

  • Listings often do not include information on mileage and on the State of Health of the battery. So, you need to enquire for this important information.
  • In Europe many offers are from salvage firms located in the Baltic countries and in Great Britain. Whereas suppliers in the Baltics and in countries like Spain ship – sometimes for free – to customers in other European countries, most companies in Great Britain do not.
  • The price per kWh differs widely depending on the location and on the brand: Leaf batteries tend to be expensive, Tesla batteries are very competitively priced, especially in the US.

In general, ebay provides a good overview on what is on the market. However, extend your search to other platforms and shops, especially in your region/country in order to source your pack from a supplier as close as possible to you.

Finally, consider searching for a complete donor car instead of individual components such as the battery pack. Normally this is the better option – you get more bang for your buck.

The following diagram lists a few of the battery packs available on ebay in selected markets as of September 27, 2023 (excluding shipping, 400 V DC system).

* n.a. = not available

YearBrandMileageCapacity (kWh)Price/kWh (Euro)State of HealthLocation
2018VW e-Golfn.a.*35,8111n.a.Germany
2020Nissan Leafn.a.40200n.a.Germany
2020Hyundai Konan.a.64125n.a.Germany
n.a.Renault Zoen.a.41245100%Germany
2019Nissan Leaf90,00040130n.a.Great Britain
2020Nissan Leaf23,00040220n.a.Great Britain
2021Nissan Leaf42,10040173n.a.Great Britain
2019Tesla Model 3n.a.75170n.a.Great Britain
2020Kia Niron.a.6495n.a.Great Britain
2021Hyundai Kona37,7506468n.a.Great Britain
n.a.Tesla Model 3n.a.75106n.a.Spain
2015BMW i3n.a.21,6260n.a.Lithuania
2016BMW i3n.a.32,9210n.a.Lithuania
2020Nissan Leaf23,00040220n.a.Lithuania
2019Tesla Model 3n.a.75170n.a.Lithuania
2021Hyundai Ioniqn.a.38,3150n.a.Lithuania
2018Tesla Model 330,0007575n.a.USA
2021Tesla Model Yn.a.8258n.a.USA
2022Tesla Model Y9,0008267n.a.USA

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