From hunter and gatherer to project owner

When Chris from Germany watched Damien Maguire’s videos on YouTube years ago the idea of an EV conversion project popped into his head and took hold.

However, as a student he did not have the means to start a project immediately. Still, he became a “hunter and gatherer” spending late hours browsing internet platforms looking for suitable components, ideally at very competitive prices.

Fortunately, as Chris graduated in electrical engineering he could leave this stage behind him and start his project.

Also, the search for the ideal conversion candidate ended. He went for a 1997 Volvo V70 I with engine failure.

Purchasing the converted vehicle was also the reason to start a thread in the forum and let the community participate in his project.

One of the key components in the project is going to be a Rotex GS38 coupler (see photo) connecting the electric motor and the original Volvo transmission. Chris bought a base version of the coupler which means the respective hubs from electric motor and gearbox still have to be welded on.

Here is some more information about the project:

Donor model for electric motor, inverter, DC/DC converter:
Mitsubishi Outlander (possibly also air conditioning compressor and heater)

Traction battery:
Not yet decided, Chris plans to test the HV system with a 9 kWh battery from a BMW hybrid vehicle

Vehicle Control Unit:
Damien Maguire’s ZombiVerter (read more about it here ).

CCS port from BMW i3, controlled via Open Source CCS application.

With a Lasertracker from his university Chris measures the bolt diameters of the Volvo engine and drive shaft mounts, both of which were fixed to the engine block. These measurements are critical. So, precision metrology equipment is nice to have.

More Details on Chris’ project here.

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