Ingenuity and pragmatism: Conversions in Asia

The transformation to e-mobility is strongly driven by Asian manufacturers – especially from Korea and China. So, the question is: What about EV conversions in the region?

As expected, there are many do-it-yourselfers and workshops. Their projects are usually about small cars with a comparatively low performance. And much of what is implemented does not correspond to the approval regulations in Western countries. 

But the car enthusiasts in the following examples from India and Vietnam convince with inventiveness and pragmatism in order to master the challenges of a conversion, e.g. the coupling of electric motor and transmission.

Astonishing: They may carry flip-flops and casual clothing, but in many cases the conversions take place in well-equipped garages. They feature not only metal saws, stand drilling machines and welding equipment, but sometimes even swivel benches.

Here are our three examples. Enjoy watching:

Mini bus, Technical Partha, India

Maruti 800 (with kit), Mechatronic Trading, India

1967 US-Army Jeep, Creative Channel, Vietnam

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