Road Trip with Open Source CCS

Finally Johannes was able to put his new battery and CCS charge controller to the real world test in an almost 1000 km challenge.

The journey went from Kassel to Neunkirchen, 350 km apart.

The route from Kassel to Neunkirchen

When the battery had dropped below 30% Johannes started looking for the charger sign which he found at “Wörrstadt Autohof”. The site has Allego and Tesla Super Chargers right next to the highway. By then he had driven 250 km taking the battery from 95% to 25%. (Theoretical range would thus be 350 km)

Plugging in revealed the new charge power:

So already after 15 minutes the battery was back at 55%, plenty for covering the remaining 100 km. The hand shake (i.e. the time between plugging in and receiving power) is on the quick side compared to some production EVs.

No charge planning is needed any longer as charge points are now so plentiful that you can rely on finding one without further research.

The return journey was similar, only a bit longer as Johannes visited Udo. Plugging in for 3 hours at Udos garage revealed that the small 3.3 kW AC charger has become a bit inappropriate for the large battery. Only 10 kWh could be added during his stay so another 15 minute quick charge stop was needed to reach Kassel. It seems like we’re looking into the next upgrade: an 11 kW AC charger from a MG5 – recently hacked by Damien. Stay tuned!

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