Let’s learn more about the people who move the industry …

… with tongue-in-cheek. This time: Damien Maguire (Ireland), pioneer, engineer, evangelist.

What is the biggest disaster for you?

                                       Moving house.

What is earthly happiness for you?


Your most important teacher?

                                       My wife.

Your favorite inventor/engineer?


Which invention do you admire most?

                                      The transistor.

Your favorite virtue?

                                      Not giving up.

Your biggest weakness?


What do you value most in a friend?


What mistake do you most likely excuse?


What would be your greatest misfortune?

                                     Making mistakes with money.

What natural gift would you like to possess?


Your current state of mind?


Who would you like to have a beer with at the hotel bar?


And what to talk about?

                                     CCS controller.

Learn even more about Damien Maguire here:


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