Robert Downey Jr. “eco-modifies” cars and gives them away in a sweepstakes

The start of a mini-series streaming on MAX (only available in the US) about Downey’s eco-mod initiative has been widely reported on (for example here). As three of the six cars are converted to electric (among them a 1965 Corvette Stingray), it is a boost for the conversion industry, especially for those who convert valuable classics to electric.

The proceeds from the sweepstakes, which is open to US, Canadian and UK residents, go to the Food Print Coalition which Downey and his wife Susan established. So, the eco-mod initiative fits in the overall picture and adds to Downey’s credibility as truly caring for the environment.

Well, we wish that the sweepstakes, which runs until July 2024, is going to be a success and that the Food Print Coalition will use the funds for helping some brilliant ideas getting off the ground – just as we wish for our idea to gain traction (get more car nuts to convert their daily rides to electric).

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