TESLA Roadster: The mother of all conversions?

For everybody considering an EV conversion it is worthwhile to have an understanding of the evolution of electric mobility.

It is almost common knowledge that at the beginning of motorized transportation more than a century ago electric cars made a good first impression. They were, for example, much easier to start in comparison to the first ICE cars. However, range was an issue also back then. And now as then swappable batteries were considered a solution.

Facts like these can be found in “10 electric cars that transformed the automotive landscape”.

The article also brings to light that early generations of more recent EVs basically were “conversions” of ICE models. Not only did TESLA start the current electric mobility revolution with the 2008 Roadster which used a Lotus Elise as a base.

Also, to mention an example from Germany, before Volkswagen introduced its ID-family of electric cars, models like the VW eUp and the VW eGolf were also “conversions” of ICE models.

Read more on the genesis of e-mobility here at autoevolution.com.

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