Fully integrated open source CCS controller

CCS charging has been a topic here in the past and now it is again. The first working solution deployed a BeagleBone or Raspberry PI Linux computer, a power line modem and a whole lot of prototyped “glue logic”

So, while this was a nice proof of concept it clearly wasn’t a “solution” for CCS charging yet. It was clear that we needed to integrate all of that on one board and also use more cost-effective components.

Exactly this goal has now been reached.

So yes, this still looks a bit like work in progress but we are now working with a team of 3 (if there is such thing as a “team” in community development) to make it a finished product that will be sold on the openinverter Shop.

We have tested the controller on many public chargers such as Teslas Super Chargers, Ionity, Alpitronics Hyperchargers and the good old ABB triple chargers.

In other words, your conversion can now take advantage of the enormous charging network that uses the CCS standard and all that at a pretty low price point: the board will sell at a couple of hundred Euros in the shop or you can even build it yourself as all hardware and software is public.

Links: The hardware, The software, The video

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